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Don't Let Hot Flashes Control You.

Most menopausal women struggle with sudden bursts of hot flashes and night sweats. We created the Menopod to relieve these symptoms instantly, so you can stay cool and focus on what really matters, wherever your day takes you.

Dragon's Den Canada

Founders Patricia and Steve introduced the Menopod on Dragon's Den and was offered partnership with Arlene Dickinson, who loved the Menopod. 

Click the video to watch the episode!

Quick Cooling Relief

Using a thermal camera, we can show the cooling effect Menopod provides.


"Natural, convenient products such as the Menopod™ are an excellent choice for menopausal women providing relief from hot flashes and improving their quality of life without hormonal intervention and its potential side effects."

  • How Do I Use My Menopod?

    Simply press the button & place the curved side on the base of your neck, moving it as the area cools.

  • When Should I Use My Menopod?

    Use it whenever you feel a hot flash coming and need to cool down.

  • Can I Take My Menopod With Me?

    The Menopod is the size of a computer mouse. It's compact, discreet design allows you to take it with you wherever your day may take you!