Convenient When Ice Packs Are Not.

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Convenient for Sleepless Nights

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Introducing Menopod

We Believe in Hot Flash Relief When You Need It.

Ice packs or bag of frozen peas may work, but Menopod is convenient whenever or wherever a hot flash begins.

Have it in your purse throughout your day, or on your nightstand when in bed, and take control of your hot flash quickly and easily.

100 Day Guarantee

The Menopod is the first of it's kind for hot flash relief.

Studies have shown that over 70% of women found relief when using the Menopod for hot flashes. 
Everyone experiences hot flashes differently and trying the Menopod is the best way to see if its right for you.

menopod copper plate cooling relief

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"Natural, convenient products such as the Menopod™ are an excellent choice for menopausal women providing relief from hot flashes and improving their quality of life without hormonal intervention and its potential side effects."

"My Menopod has truly been a lifesaver. I love how it is instantly cool and is compact enough to carry with you wherever you go."

"I found the Menopod easy to use and effective. Simply plug it in to charge the device and slide the button to start the cooling cycle. Placing the Menopod on the back of the neck very quickly brought my hot flash right under control. It is a very effective tool. Thanks!"

"My daughter purchased the menopod as a gift. I do really enjoy using it and I find it provides a similar feeling to cold clothes or wipes. Not as cold as ice however, but definitely a cooling is felt."

"Bought it for my wife for her birthday and she says it is a godsend."

"Menopod is reliable, comforting, and ready when I need to cool down. If I am driving to see a customer, stuck in traffic, it makes one of my heated moments easily manageable"