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What Helps You Get Hot Flash Relief?

What Helps You Get Hot Flash Relief?

If you were to ask someone for their opinion on what helps relieve hot flashes, you would probably hear them talk about using ice packs, ice cubes, standing in front of a fan on full blast, or maybe even cuddling with a bag of frozen peas.

When Menopod first became available, many people brought up these great ways to relieve your symptoms instead of buying a product that may "give the same relief." Has anyone brought up the Menopod as a suggestion?

Probably not. Especially when you have things around your house that can help you get relief. Why would you think of anything different?

But if you asked that same person what they use for relief when they aren't at home? When they're stuck in traffic, far away from their freezer? When they are at work, giving an important presentation in front of a room of people? It may not be appropriate carrying your bag of peas around all day. Plus, they won't stay frozen for long. You'll have pea soup in no time!

So, meet the Menopod. Sleek design, with easy functionality. The relief you can take anywhere. It's the size of a computer mouse. Having it on your desk at work won't make your co-workers and boss bat an eye.

Like the usual tips and tricks, the Menopod brings relief to your oncoming hot flashes, and won't change the severity of them. It'll help cool you down quickly so you can focus on what matters in your day.

Unlike other relievers, you can use it anywhere. The Menopod gives you the power to control your temperature, and not have to worry about changing your clothes multiple times a day.

About 80% of women going through menopause, experience hot flashes. The truth is, not everyone can be at home when a hot flash shows itself. So why should the go-to quick relief stop at the front door?

Who Says Hot Flashes are Only Hormonal?

Who Says Hot Flashes are Only Hormonal?

Sure, hot flashes are the most common symptom of menopausal changes, but it’s truly not the only cause. There are many different reasons you may be looking like sweating out your water intake and as red as a tomato.

Hot flashes occur within perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women as their hormonal levels change.  This is your body’s way of trying to cool you down. It’s inconsistent when these hot flashes will occur. You could be one of those lucky few where it’s once a day for 30 seconds, or, like the rest of us, multiple times a day for several minutes. Sounds like fun, right? Well, Menopause might not be the only contributing factor to this unwelcome symptom.


Can’t start your day without your coffee or tea? Do you prefer spicy Thai food for lunch instead of that leafy garden salad? Feeling like a glass of wine (or two) after a hard day of work? Watch out for those internal heat waves! Spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol are huge contributors to a hot flash. It has been said that eating lighter foods, or cutting your caffeine and alcohol intake, will help alleviate hot flashes.


Not only eating healthier will help, but also becoming more active will also reduce the number of hot flashes. There have been numerous studies showing that losing excess weight will also alleviate this uncomfortable symptom. If you aren’t active now, just start off slow, and go for a walk after dinner every night, and build up from there.


If you find yourself stressed, or trying to cope with anxiety, there’s an increased chance that you will deal with hot flashes. “Just Relax, then.” Sure, it sounds easier than what is it is. Activities like yoga or meditation can help you focus on calming your mind and remembering to breathe. Being in a cool, calm environment will allow you to relax more and reduce the chance of hot flashes.


It has also been found that some medications can cause hot flashes. There have been cases of anti-depressants, opioids, and some osteoporosis prescriptions aiding in the trigger of a hot flash. If this is your case, talk with your doctor to find out what is best for you, if you can find an alternative remedy, or no longer take it to alleviate the hot flush.

Whether it’s lifestyle, hormonal, or a mixture of both, hot flashes are never fun to endure. The best treatment is self-care. Remember to take time for yourself, eat a little better, and to keep cool, and most importantly remember to breathe.