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What Helps You Get Hot Flash Relief?

What Helps You Get Hot Flash Relief?

If you were to ask someone for their opinion on what helps relieve hot flashes, you would probably hear them talk about using ice packs, ice cubes, standing in front of a fan on full blast, or maybe even cuddling with a bag of frozen peas.

When Menopod first became available, many people brought up these great ways to relieve your symptoms instead of buying a product that may "give the same relief." Has anyone brought up the Menopod as a suggestion?

Probably not. Especially when you have things around your house that can help you get relief. Why would you think of anything different?

But if you asked that same person what they use for relief when they aren't at home? When they're stuck in traffic, far away from their freezer? When they are at work, giving an important presentation in front of a room of people? It may not be appropriate carrying your bag of peas around all day. Plus, they won't stay frozen for long. You'll have pea soup in no time!

So, meet the Menopod. Sleek design, with easy functionality. The relief you can take anywhere. It's the size of a computer mouse. Having it on your desk at work won't make your co-workers and boss bat an eye.

Like the usual tips and tricks, the Menopod brings relief to your oncoming hot flashes, and won't change the severity of them. It'll help cool you down quickly so you can focus on what matters in your day.

Unlike other relievers, you can use it anywhere. The Menopod gives you the power to control your temperature, and not have to worry about changing your clothes multiple times a day.

About 80% of women going through menopause, experience hot flashes. The truth is, not everyone can be at home when a hot flash shows itself. So why should the go-to quick relief stop at the front door?

Cooling Relief for Hot Flashes- Why Menopod


Take control of your menopause with Menopod™.

This award-winning revolutionary new product gives you quick and natural relief for hot flashes caused by menopause.

 Our rechargeable battery can be charged from a computer or standard outlet. The discreet, convenient design effectively makes you feel cool, calm and collected. Now you have instant cooling relief in the palm of your hand wherever you are, whenever you need it. Menopod™ gives you control of your menopause.

How it Works

With the simple flip of a switch, the patented technology inside Menopod™ will instantly cool reaching approximately 41°F (5°C) within four (4) seconds. Just place it on the back of your neck and say goodbye to that hot flash. No more drippy ice packs or bulky gel packs.

Menopod™ is designed to work best in ambient temperatures between 60°and 90°F (0° and 35°C) and stored in temperatures between 0° and 95°F (-20° and 45°C). Menopod™ can be damaged, and battery life shortened if stored or operated outside of these temperature ranges.

Ambient temperatures will affect the operation of Menopod™. It is normal for Menopod™ to get warm with prolonged use. On average you may expect one to five (1 - 5) consecutive cycles before the device will need to cool before being used again. The recommended waiting period is ten to fifteen (10 – 15) minutes.

Avoid exposing Menopod™ to dramatic changes in temperature or humidity. The Menopod™ should never be submerged into water. If the unit is ever submerged, do not use the device.

How to Use

  1. Before using your Menopod™ fully charge the battery with the included USB power cord and adapter for approximately 30-45 minutes until all 4 LED lights are solid green. A full charge will provide approximately twelve (12) one (1) minute cycles.
  2. Disconnect the Menopod™ from the power source.
  3. Press the toggle style power button forward to turn the Menopod™ on.
  4. Menopod™ will cool to 41°F (5°C) within four (4) seconds.
  5. Place Menopod™ over carotid arteries at the back of your neck for instant cooling relief.
  6. A cycle lasts for one (1) minute. After which the Menopod™ will turn off automatically.
  7. Menopod™ may be recharged at anytime.

LED Indicators

Four (4) Flashing Green LEDs: Menopod™ is connected to power source and successfully charging.

Four (4) Solid Green LEDs: Menopod™ is fully charged and ready for use.

One to three (1-3) Solid Green LEDs: Indicates charge level.

Four (4) Flashing Yellow LEDs: Menopod™ needs to be charged.

Four (4) Flashing Red LEDs: Menopod™ has overheated and needs to cool down before use. Please wait fifteen (15) minutes before continuing use.

Menopod™ is now shipping!

Some of you might be wondering, what is the Menopod™?

The Menopod ® is a hand-held miniature refrigeration unit operating on the principle of the Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler. When activated it’s copper cooling plates immediately drop to 41 degrees F (5 degrees C). Menopod™ is small enough to carry in a purse and discreet to use. It works by counteracting what happens during a hot flash. When we suffer menopausal vasomotor instability (hot flash), our surface blood vessels dilate causing a flush and sensation of heat. Press the power button when the discomfort starts and place the Menopod™ on the back of your neck, where your thermoreceptors are most sensitive. Ice cubes or a bag of frozen peas might work too, but they are not instantly available and horribly messy and inconvenient.

The Menopod™ is the result of several years of extensive research and design by an experienced team of professionals. We wanted to create a product that would provide relief from menopausal hot flashes to be effective with no known side effects.

Our team looked to medical experts in the field too. Dr. Vivien Brown MDCM, CCFP, FCFP, NCMP renowned in her field, saw a real need for this kind of product. Brown says she has seen a slew of products for menopausal women introduced over the last few years -ranging from herbal remedies to sleepwear to hygiene items.

“More women are experiencing menopause today than at any time in history, with some starting to have symptoms as early as 40 years old,” said Dr. Brown. “Natural, convenient products such as the Menopod™ are an excellent choice for menopausal women providing relief from hot flashes and improving their quality of life without hormonal intervention and its potential side effects”. Hormone replacement therapy has been shown to reduce hot flashes; however, it has the stigma of potential long-term side effects, including an increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Dr. Karen Snow, a Barrie-based Naturopath points out that the Menopod™ can be used in conjunction with prescribed natural supplements or on its own. “The market is ready for an effective non-evasive treatment. The fast relief from Menopod™ will give women confidence knowing they have a safe solution right in their hand,” she said.

For most women, non-medical solutions are sufficient to manage the symptoms of menopause. “About 80 percent of women will have symptoms – even 90 percent,” says Dr. Brown. “But only 20-30 percent will be disabled by their symptoms. And that’s a question I ask my patients: Are you disabled? Or can we just mitigate this by various things?”

Many of these options are straightforward: dressing in layers, not drinking alcohol and avoiding spicy foods or hot beverages can all help.

Some herbal supplements have proven popular as well, but Dr. Brown doesn’t recommend them. “Studies on some of the herbal remedies – like black cohosh, evening primrose and red clover – are inconclusive. They don’t look to be any better than placebos.”

Menopod™ customers have also reported that its cooling effects are useful for symptoms of migraine headaches, fever, hyperthermia (overheating) and may other. If cooling is effective, then Menopod can help!