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When Convenient Relief was Nowhere to be Found

Patricia was fed up. Dealing with hot flashes & night sweats on a regular basis was unnerving. Not knowing when or where they would flare up wasn’t helping the situation. She continually tried to get relief with cold packs, fans, even soda cans. They worked here & there, but she found they were not very convenient or professional, especially if she was in a meeting, teaching a class, or giving a presentation. Patricia found herself asking, “Is there a product that would help give me relief, that is convenient and simple to use in any circumstance?”

Patricia’s husband, Steve, is an industrial designer. He took her question and created the answer for her. With his team, Steve was able to design and create a product for testing. As small as a computer mouse, with a button to deliver cool relief within seconds, the Menopod was born.

Patricia and Steve introduced the Menopod on Dragon's Den in Canada and was offered a partnership with Arlene Dickinson, who loved the Menopod.

The Menopod was honoured with a prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Best of the Best Medical Devices in 2014. Menopod is anchored by a patented technology, which may be useful for other applications including hot flashes associated with breast cancer, migraine headaches, fevers, and heat stress.