Embrace the Cool: Menopod's October Offer for Menopause Awareness Month

Embrace the Cool: Menopod's October Offer for Menopause Awareness Month

As the leaves turn shades of red and gold and the air becomes crisp, October is not just about welcoming fall; it's also a time to raise awareness about an essential phase in every woman's life—menopause.

Menopause Awareness Month aims to shed light on the challenges and experiences one faces during this transitional period. It's a time to educate everyone and to support and empower those in their menopause journey to manage the symptoms. In line with this mission, Menopod, a revolutionary cooling device designed to provide relief from hot flashes and night sweats, is excited to offer a special promotion throughout the entire month of October. Learn more below about Menopod's contribution to this cause and how you can benefit.

The Menopod Advantage

Menopod is a game-changer for those experiencing the discomfort of hot flashes and night sweats during menopause. This sleek, portable device helps you stay cool and comfortable no matter where you are. It uses advanced cooling technology to provide instant relief from those unpredictable and often disruptive hot flashes.

Why Menopause Awareness Month Matters

Menopause is a natural phase in of life. However, it can bring a range of challenging physical and emotional symptoms. Hot flashes and night sweats are some of the most common and disruptive symptoms many women face during this time. Menopause Awareness Month aims to educate those who are experiencing these symptoms and provide the tools and resources they need to manage them effectively.

Menopod's Commitment to Menopause Awareness

At Menopod, supporting those through their menopausal journey is our mission. To mark Menopause Awareness Month, we are thrilled to offer a special promotion: 10% off Menopod products* throughout October with code OCTOBER10. This offer is our way of helping you access relief and stay comfortable during menopause.

But our commitment continues beyond there. We believe in giving back to the community, so that we will donate 5% of all our October sales to the International Menopause Society (IMS). The IMS is a global organization that not only provides valuable resources and education to people going through menopause but also supports research and education through its Endowment for Education and Research.

How You Can Get Involved

Suppose you or someone you know is experiencing menopause symptoms. In that case, Menopod's October promotion is the perfect opportunity to try out our innovative cooling device and experience relief firsthand. By making a purchase, you benefit from our special offer and contribute to the valuable work of the International Menopause Society.

Spread the Word

Even if you're not experiencing menopause, you can still make a difference. Please share this blog, spread the word about Menopod's October promotion, and help us raise awareness about menopause and the challenges women face during this phase of life. Together, we can positively impact and support women on their menopausal journey.

Menopause is a natural part of life, and it can come with its fair share of challenges. Menopause Awareness Month is an opportunity to support and empower everyone  during this transformative journey. Menopod is proud to contribute to this cause by offering 10% off new products throughout October and donating 5% of all sales to the International Menopause Society's Endowment for Education and Research. Join us in embracing the cool and making menopause a more comfortable and informed journey for everyone, everywhere.


*promotion does not include refurbished menopod or gift card sales
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