You Deserve Relief

Hot flashes, a common symptom of menopause, often lead to the battle of messy ice packs, hormonal treatments, or standing in front of a fan in search of relief. If you've tried these methods without finding the control you seek, your solution is here.

You deserve a more convenient way to alleviate hot flashes, and Menopod is designed with your needs in mind.

Experience Relief When You Need It Most

Hot flashes, often triggered by menopause and anxiety, can disrupt your day and leave you feeling uncomfortable.

With Menopod™, relief is just a button away. Our patented technology delivers nearly instant cooling, cooling within seconds to 5°C (41°F).

Applied to the neck, it effectively alleviates the severity of hot flashes, anxiety, and heat stress.

Discover How Menopod Can Help You:

  • Alleviate the severity of hot flashes, anxiety, and heat stress
  • Regain control from daily hot flash interference and interruptions
  • Become mindful of when hot flashes are coming and what may be triggering them
  • Provide relief that aids you in getting back to sleep quicker after a hot flash occurs

Explore Why Our Customers Rave about Menopod

  • Clinical trial of Menopod for relief of menopausal vasomotor symptoms

    In a clinical trial conducted at Queen’s University (ON, Canada) Menopod demonstrated its effectiveness by providing symptomatic relief to 70% of women experiencing hot flashes

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  • Effects of forehead cooling and supportive care on menopause-related sleep difficulties, hot flashes and menopausal symptoms

    It's not just about the effects of cooling your neck—discover more in this additional study on how cooling your forehead can decrease symptoms.

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  • Effects of Cold Stimulation on Cardiac-Vagal Activation in Healthy Participants

    Applying cold to the lateral neck area positively affected heart function, leading to increased heart rate variability and decreased heart rate, aligning with cooling, calming relief Menopod provides

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