• Step 1 - Slide Button On

    During the on set of a hot flash, slide Menopod's button to activate it's cooling technology.

    Menopod will vibrate to confirm it has been turned on.

    In seconds, Menopod will cool its copper plate to 5°C/41°F

  • Step 2 - Place Menopod on Neck to Get Full Benefits of Cooling Sensation

    Cooling the temperature-sensitive area at the back of your neck with Menopod helps you feel cooler in seconds. The region of the brain that senses and regulates body temperature is directly connected to the base of the neck.

  • Step 3 - Move Menopod to Enhance its effectiveness

    Your skin can get used to the temperature, so we recommend moving menopod around slightly every 10-15 seconds to enhance the coolness and to interrupt the hot flash more effectively.

  • Step 4 - Repeat As Necessary

    Each cycle lasts 60-90 seconds, depending on the ambient temperature. Menopod can be used 2-3 cycles in a row before needing time to dissipate the heat it is drawing away from the copper plate and your skin.

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What To Expect with Menopod

Use Menopod up to 2-3 cycles in a row

Each cycle lasts 60-90 seconds, depending on ambient temperature.

Best used as a hot flash begins, not full blown.

Menopod is best used on the onset of a hot flash, to help interrupt it's strength.

Full Battery Provides up to 12 cycles

While Menopod can be charged at any point of its battery life, Menopod can provice up to 12 cycles from a full battery.

Draws heat away from skin and copper plate

Becuase it draws heat away during each cycle, it does need time to dissipate the heat. If used 3 times in a row, please allow up to 10 minutes for Menopod to remove the heat before next use

Safe to Use Alongside Medications and Products

Menopod is safe to use with medications, like HRT and does not transmit any radio waves or lasers, making it safe when using with other products, like a pacemaker.

LED Lights and Vibration Provide Useful Information

Menopod's LED lights and quick vibrations provide you with information on battery charge levels, if it is on/off, and if it needs cooling down time. Follow the user manual to understand how they work.

English Manual | French Manual

Can be used on other pulsepoints of the body

The best way to bring your body temperature down is cooling down your pulse points, most commonly found on the back of your neck and your wrists.

These are not the only pulse points, though your neck is arguably the most effective. You can find other common ones on the insides of your elbows and knees, inner thighs, ankles and temples.

Menopod is effective with pulse points to conveniently cool you down wherever or whenever you need it.

Video: The Idea - The Making of Menopod

Video: The Design - The Making of Menopod