How do I use my Menopod?

Fully charge the Menopod until all 4 LED lights are flashing green. To use, push the power switch one time to begin a cooling cycle. Place the Menopod on the back of your neck for approximately one minute. Finally, allow your Menopod to cool for a minimum of 10 minutes before running an additional cycle.

How many uses will one charge provide?

Approximately 12 one-minute cycles

Do I need to allow the battery to drain before recharging?

No, the Menopod can be charged at anytime

How do I know when my Menopod needs to be charged?

The 4 LED’s will flash yellow when your device needs to be charged.

My Menopods 4 LED’s are flashing green, what does this mean?

Your Menopod is fully charged.

Is my Menopod missing a USB Charging Port accessory?

No. The image that looks like a “white ball” is a side view of the Menopod displaying where the charger plugs into the unit

What is the Warranty on my Menopod?

The Menopod comes with a 1 year limited warranty, please see the owners manual for additional details.

My Menopod will not hold its charge.

Charge your Menopod until the 4 LED lights are flashing green, and then try a cycle. If your Menopod immediately loses its charge (after 1 or 2 cycles) please contact customer service.

What will happen if I push the power switch multiple times in a short period of time?

Your Menopod will overheat. Please allow a minimum of 10 minutes between cycles to allow sufficient cooling time for Menopod.

Why is my Menopod Overheating?

If you run the Menopod several times in a row, it will become too hot and the 4 LED’s will flash red when you turn it on. The unit needs to cool down, wait approximately 15 minutes before your next use. If you are operating the Menopod in extreme heat, over 32C or 90F, it can overheat more quickly and may struggle to cool.