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Menopod featured in Forever Young Magazine

The Goods
Online Version of Forever Young Magazine

Menopod featured in Top 15 Cures on Jen Reviews

Top 15 Cures to Stop Hot Flashes

Menopod featured in Top 5 on Holland and Barrett 

Top 5 Gadgets to Kick Menopause Symptoms into Touch

Menopod featured on Top5.com

Top 5 gift ideas for Grandma

Menopod reviewed by the Menopause Goddess, Lynnette Shepperd

Cool New Device Relieves Hot Flashes Naturally

Menopod featured in Newmarket Today

Gadget Designed to Cool Hot Flashes

Menopod featured in TrendHunter

The Menopod Brings a Solution for Hot Flashes to Consumers

Menopod featured in Simcoe.com

Device Helps Hot Women Keep Their Cool 

Menopod featured in Leaderpost

Cooling Device Designed to Help Menopausal Women

Menopod featured by Dr. Vivian Brown

Menopause: Hot Tips and A New Technology Can Help Keep Hot Flashes At Bay

Menopod featured in Friend for the Ride

Menopod Natural Cooling Relief for Hot Flashes

Menopod featured in All Things Menopause

Cool Off With the Menopod
Stop A Hot Flash in its Tracks

Menopod featured on SteemHunt

Reduce Hot Flashes & Improve Life Quality at Menopause Age

Menopod spotlighted with Red Dot Design Award 2014

Red Dot Design

Menopod featured on BackerJack

Menopod Aims to Cool Off Womens Hot Flashes 


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