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October is Menopause Month

October is Menopause Month

October is Menopause Awareness Month and we are giving away a Menopod to one lucky winner either on Instagram or Facebook!

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Good Luck Everyone!

*Giveaway is open to all Canadian and US residents and closes Friday October 30th at 5pm EST. The winner will be announced on Monday November 2nd 2020

**This giveaway is no way affiliated/sponsored by Facebook or Instagram

A Husband's Guide to Menopause

A Husband's Guide to Menopause

As women begin to deal with menopause symptoms, it can be difficult to know how you can help or to fully understand what is happening. With Menopause being a taboo subject, your partner may have difficulty to describe what is happening or how she is feeling. It can be frustrating and confusing (for both of you), and you may feel helpless to know how you can help.

In this article, you will find a guide of what your partner is experiencing, and how you can help during the transition.

1. Educate Yourself

The first thing you can do is try and better understand what menopause is, what the different symptoms are and how they can affect her, both mentally and physically. While you won't be able to fully understand how it feels, having an understanding of what is happening will help you be supportive as you need to be. Many women feel lost, lonely and helpless. Some feel like a shell of themselves and are trying to figure out what is happening.

2. Ask her what she needs

Every woman experiences menopause differently. While a majority deal with hot flashes on a regular basis, others will feel more of the mental effects. Provide her with open communication. Asking her how you can help, or what can help lets her know that you care about her and that you support her. She may feel scared or uncomfortable to talk about the experience and changes that are happening, so asking her allows her the change to talk it out with you, the person she trusts more than anyone. Offer support, run a bath, help clean around the house, hug her (unless she is having a hot flash, then get her something to help cool her down)

3. No pressure!

Whatever you do, don’t ask when her symptoms will end, or how long it will last. Like you, she doesn’t know the answer to that, and it’s not helpful. If she had the power, she wouldn’t have any of the symptoms, to begin with. On average, menopause symptoms last anywhere from 4-8 years, but everyone is different.

4. Be patient

Know that Menopause is not forever, even though it could feel like it for both of you. Resist the urge to snapback. I know, easier said than done. Remember that estrogen and hormone levels play their part that can cause emotional frustration and temperament. Try to stop, breath and walkaway.

5. Accept the silence

Some woman may need the space to be quiet to self reflect. Don’t take the silence as something you have done, it may not be anything to do with you. The changes are physically and mentally, so sometimes quiet spaces are great for meditation and practise breathing.

6. Encourage to seek help

Anxiety can be crippling. With menopause, some women find they lose their self-confidence and need professional support and help to get through the transition. Offer to go with her. It will mean a lot to have you there.


Everybody goes through menopause differently. Open communication to understand what she is experiencing is key. She’ll notice your support and efforts and really appreciate it.

5 Reasons to Try the Menopod

Menopod cooling device for hot flashes hot flushes menopause night sweats. great for on the go

The Menopod is the first of its kind in hot flash relief.  Let's break away from traditional ways to cool down as some aren't realistic in our busy day-to-day life. Why do we settle for the wet soggy packs of ice or peas, the fan that you can only stand in front of for so long at the office, or the water bottle on the back of your neck instead of drinking it? 

Meet the Menopod, the innovative new device that lets you take control of your day and your hot flashes once and for all.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should try the Menopod

1.  The Travellers and Commuters are Loving the Menopod!

Instantly feel the cooling effect when you need it. Have you been on the subway, or in the middle of a long flight when you experience a hot flash? It's the worst time, as you may not have anything on you to help cool you down. You're in public, slightly embarrassed, hoping you can quickly change your sweat-drenched clothes as soon as you can get into a washroom. Or, you can pull out the Menopod and cool yourself down quickly and confidently.

2. Menopod Gives You the Control of Your Cooling Relief

An ice pack is cold at first, but it quickly melts, and you must refreeze it, juggling through multiples at a time. The Menopod gets cold when you tell it to. Not before. This gives you the power and freedom to cool down when you need it, unlike an ice pack. Take control. Cool down when you need to, throughout the day, without racing back to your freezer.

3. The Menopod is Designed to Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

The Menopod was designed to reflect the style of a computer mouse. This allows it to easily form to your hand, making it comfortable to hold. It allows discretion while keeping it on your desk. The Menopod curves comfortably around the back of your neck, offering ultra comfort when you need it the most. The ease of use is simply the push of its button.

4. Menopod = Rechargeable = Less Waste

Some women use wipes to help cool down after a hot flash. This is a quick, easy idea for women on the go, except for how much of a waste this can turn to be. Let's say, hypothetically that each pack have 20 cooling wipes. Buy 20 wipes for about $12.00 US. Now, let's be modest and say that you may deal with hot flashes 3 times a day. (Studies have shown that some women can experience hot flashes up to 20 times a day.)  The one pack will last you about a week (6 days), causing you to need about 4 packs (80 wipes) a month. That's 960 wipes a year. If this is constant, that's $576 US out of your pocket a year on something that you use once and then throw out. Or you could get the Menopod, that's rechargeable like your cellphone, and you only need to buy it once. When you are done with the Menopod, it can be safely recycled with other household electronics.

5. Trying the Menopod Has Never Been Easier!

There's nothing on the market like the Menopod! We understand it's a type of product that you need to try out and see how it can benefit you. Many companies only offer you 30 days to try out their products, which can cause you to feel pressured to decide quickly if you like it or not. Giving 100 days allows you to try out the Menopod, and really get the feel for it. Slow down the trial and the hot flashes all at once. If, by the 100 days you aren't satisfied, send it back to us. No questions asked.